What's the implementation process?
You are not going to consider us serious consultants if we don't show you one of these, so here goes.
OK, you've probably guessed by now that we delight in being different. In that case you wouldn't be surprised that we deliver our services differently too. We had a bunch of really good and experienced consultants who were passionate about what they did but didn't want to travel anymore, so instead of losing them to the world of senior management, motherhood or eastern religion, we promised them they could work from home or the office. As the budgeting tool is configured online anyway, it turned out to be a great solution for all concerned. Our flexibility allowed us reduce our overheads and therefore offer you the customer a lower rate.
So the way it works in practice is that if
the solution is complex or the client insists, we come out for a week or so at the beginning of the project to meet the client and understand their issues. Thereafter, we complete the rest of the project remotely. We utilize teleconferencing tools to do conference calls, share information etc. We also manage the project using online project management tools so the client can follow the project every step of the way, share project documents etc. Not sure if this can work? We would be happy to provide references.


OK, time for action
Over the next 30min
We will walk through
our 4-step process.
We will ask you some simple questions about your budgeting process (don't worry if you don't know all the answers, just guess if you get stuck). Thereafter we will walk you through a demo that best represents your budgeting process. After that we tell you how much it's likely to cost you and how long.Then it's up to you.You could either contact us for more information or say "thanks...but no thanks".

Client testimonial
We were intially concerned about working remotely, as we were used to our consultants working onsite. However, after the initial face-to-face week, things went surprisingly smoothly. We used teleconferences and Live Meeting when we got stuck and had to walk through things step-by-step, but we ended up with a system we are very happy with.

Controller - European Retailer.